We offer the following services related to the maintenance of driver location signs:

  • Inspection of all stretches of road equipped with driver location signs, including comparison of the existing signage on site with the data stored in the Federal State's database
  • Repair or exchange of damaged signs or parts, including re-adjustment of slanting signs
  • Taking the measurements for missing driver location signs according to the provisions of Instruction No. 12065 (Length Adjustment) and installation of new signs
  • Update of client database information ("Driver Location Signs" object class in the Federal State databases and field maps)
  • Compilation of damage statistics for the client

What are the advantages of regular servicing through a service provider?

Professional and continuous maintenance of driver location signs prevents failure of the system, ensures selection of the ideal measuring technique and ensures the system's accuracy, efficiency and quality. Regular inspection keeps the amount of time, money and material spent on the repair of driver location signs manageable. Moreover, a service provider disposes of the required (regularly recalibrated) measuring equipment and special tools for the maintenance of driver location signs.